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Bailey Malone
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Hiya I'm Bailey. I'm eleven and I just got accepted into Hogwarts School. I'm not technically an orphan, but my mom died and my dad doesn't really want to be a dad. So, I live with my friend Adri on her houseboat until I can find a forever family. I love to explore and play games, and I want a family who likes to go out and have a good time! I also want a family who will be there for me and help me in school and stuff. I'm a really good student, and I am good at helping with chores at home too (Adri even lets me babysit sometimes!). I hope to maybe get some brothers or sisters, Adri has a baby and I love playing with him and helping her take care of him. Older siblings would be cool too, they could help me with homework or like advice and stuff. Really though, I just want a couple of parents who want a nice sweet daughter to hang out with!


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